Workplace Mental Health And Wellbeing

Research shows that workers who have greater mental health awareness are more productive and engaged. We can support your organisation to create a healthier workplace, improving outcomes for all of your people.

Support To Bring Their Best

As leaders, we understand that creating a healthy workplace is important, both physically and mentally, but we don’t always where to start. We can help.

We have created a variety of evidence-based programs designed for all levels in your workplace to improve mental health in your organisation by focussing on building individual awareness that supports effective teamwork.


How to Create Buy-In 

Interactive Workshop for:Leaders and Managers

The single most influential factor in a change initiative is the extent to which leaders commit from the outset to open, honest, and complete disclosure. 

Addressing Psychosocial Challenges in the Workplace

Interactive Workshop for: HR Managers

Post-Covid, the responsibility for managing psychosocial challenges in the workplace has fallen to HR Managers, despite the fact that they are not trained to manage such challenges.

Trauma Informed People Management

Interactive 3 Day Training for: 
Middle level (EL1/EL2) public service managers

Designed to provide middle level public service managers an understanding of the psychological challenges that community trauma creates and assist with staff management post COVID-19.

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