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How a willingness to confront trauma made the People's Prince

April 2021

A royal commission takes years. Our veterans don't have that long

May 2021

The keys to a psychologically healthy workplace

February 2021

Trump will never concede

December 2020

Kerry Howard - Trump will never concede

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the table...

September 2020

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Children face long term blaze trauma

January 2020

Daily Telegraph Article Kerry Howard

Online therapy is revolutionising the way we seek mental health care...

April 2019

Former Muswellbrook High student Kerry Howard launches Rural Help to assist residents in remote communities

April 2019

An online long distance psychological support service says Newcastle Mental Health Team didn't back them up when a client was suicidal

April 2019

When long-distance mental issues hit home

March 2019

Kerry Howard City News Article

And two can be as bad as one

December 2018

Can a brief biologically-based psychoeducational intervention reduce stigma and increase help-seeking intentions for depression in young people? A randomised controlled trial

May 2018

Celebrate International Women's Day by Defining Your Inner Diva

March 2018

Why Men Are Like Shoes Interview

February 2018

'Saved' by being hit by a bus

March 2017

The best way to involve children in the care of a grandparent



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September 2019

Watch Kerry on WIN News as she discusses the prevention of violence in ACT schools. 

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March 2019

Kerry discussing the development of Rural Help, online psychological services for rural and remote areas of Australia.


March 2021

Kerry discusses better mental fitness training for frontline workers

February 2021

Kerry discussing why women don't often speak up about sexual assault.

February 2021

Kerry talks 'The Trouble with Trauma' on ABC Gippsland.

December 2018

Kerry talking about why Christmas can take such a toll on our Mental Health

March 2018

Kerry talking about 'Define Your Inner Diva' on International Women’s Day and her new book ‘Why Men Are Like Shoes’

March 2018

Kerry talking about her experience being hit by a bus and how it led her to become an EMDR Therapist.


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