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Below is a list of events that I will be presenting at over the coming months, as well as any specialty workshops I will be delivering around the country, webinars and pretty much any other appearances. All of the events on this page are open to the public, and you can book directly from the links beside each one.

I would love to see you at one of my public events!

Upcoming Live Webinar

Setting the Stage for Change Webinar

As we start to return to the workplace after a little 'downtime' over the holidays, we often find that we see things in a new light and we have been able to relax and our creativity tends to come to the fore. So don't be surprised to find that you return to work with many ideas about things that can be improved.

As a leader, when you have decided that the organisation needs change, you still need to obtain buy-in from your people to enable the change. Now, as leaders, we think that we know what needs to be done to make the change, that's why we are the leader! However, if you want to create 'buy-in' from your people, which is essential to the effectiveness of any change process, you need to give your people a sense of helping you resolve the problem.

Good compassionate leadership is actually engaging with your people. When you've got a problem, it's always a good thing to go to them and talk to them about the problem and ask them what they think we should do to fix it?

Even if you end up doing what it is you'd already decided to do in the first place, at least your people will feel that they've been engaged in the process. As a result, even if they don't 100% agree with your decision, they will support the implementation because they felt heard. I really want to help, so I've decided to run this webinar to address the challenges that you have told me you are struggling with the most.

Wed, Jan 19, 2022 -  12:00 PM - 12:45 PM (AEDT)

I am going to cover how you can:
- Identify and manage the change that is necessary through consultation
- Better communicate with staff the implications of change
- Improve documentation and consistency to support the process
- Provide appropriate support to staff as you move through change
- Help your people to implement, review and provide constructive feedback

If you resonate with any of these challenges, then this 45 minute webinar is for you.

Secure your free seat now as spaces are strictly limited to the first 50 and always fill fast


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Guest Appearances

November 2021


3rd Nov

Trauma Informed People Management Webinar


27th Nov

Success Inspired Podcast Interview

December 2021


1st Dec

How to Address Psychosocial Challenges in the Workplace - WEBINAR

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13-15 SEP

Altitude Awards - Kerry Howard is Finalist in 'Excellence in Science & Tech' category

Sydney, NSW

Further Events

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