Trauma Prevention

Preventing psychological injuries through education and training

Trauma Prevention

Preventing psychological injuries
through education and training

Upcoming Live Webinar

Setting the Stage for Change Webinar

As we start to return to the workplace after a little 'downtime' over the holidays, we often find that we see things in a new light and we have been able to relax and our creativity tends to come to the fore. So don't be surprised to find that you return to work with many ideas about things that can be improved.

As a leader, when you have decided that the organisation needs change, you still need to obtain buy-in from your people to enable the change. Now, as leaders, we think that we know what needs to be done to make the change, that's why we are the leader! However, if you want to create 'buy-in' from your people, which is essential to the effectiveness of any change process, you need to give your people a sense of helping you resolve the problem.

Good compassionate leadership is actually engaging with your people. When you've got a problem, it's always a good thing to go to them and talk to them about the problem and ask them what they think we should do to fix it?

Even if you end up doing what it is you'd already decided to do in the first place, at least your people will feel that they've been engaged in the process. As a result, even if they don't 100% agree with your decision, they will support the implementation because they felt heard. I really want to help, so I've decided to run this webinar to address the challenges that you have told me you are struggling with the most.

Wed, Jan 19, 2022 -  12:00 PM - 12:45 PM (AEDT)

I am going to cover how you can:
- Identify and manage the change that is necessary through consultation
- Better communicate with staff the implications of change
- Improve documentation and consistency to support the process
- Provide appropriate support to staff as you move through change
- Help your people to implement, review and provide constructive feedback

If you resonate with any of these challenges, then this 45 minute webinar is for you.

Secure your free seat now as spaces are strictly limited to the first 50 and always fill fast

Preventing Psychological Injuries in Organisations

To prevent psychological injuries from happening within your organisation you should consider working with me. Together we can educate and create trauma prevention strategies, action plans and goals to ensure that preventative measures are put in place for your employees.

I've built a strong reputation as a leading pioneer in the field of trauma prevention through my work in enabling the delivery of EMDR Therapy, a leading trauma therapy, in an online environment.

Organisations I Have Worked With

ACT Department of Health, Centrelink, Commonwealth Bank, Department of Health and Ageing, Department of Defence, EMDR International Association, International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), Entrepreneurs Institute, University of Canberra and many, many more.  

I have also had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and expertise with many other organisations, at conferences, retreats and special events throughout Australia and in Asia, the USA/Canada and Europe. 

For Individuals

My new book ‘The Trouble with Trauma’ is assists the average person to understand what trauma really is, how it affects our mental and physical health and how to resolve it.

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Assess Your Organisation's Psychological Injury Risk

Decrease the number of workers' compensation claims and reduce rates of unplanned leave in your organisation



Running a successful psychology practice in Canberra since 2013 and expanding into a national online psychology service - supporting our rural and remote communities and the rest of the nation through COVID-19

Establishing online trauma treatment through Therapy Online - a complete online psychology service for Australians, and Rural Help - a psychology service specifically for individuals living in rural and remote areas

Founding PsychNEXUS, an online platform for therapists - enabling them to create a virtual office and connect with a network of peers around the world

Developing REMDR and being able to assist EMDR Therapists all around the world to provide trauma therapy effectively - either online or in person

Presenting at the EMDRIA Conference (2017), EMDR Europe Conference (2018), EMDR Canada Conference (2020 - postponed) and the Disaster & Emergency Management Conference (October 2020)

Authored four books - my latest 'The Trouble With Trauma' was published in November 2020


‘Most Compassionate Woman in PTSD Treatments 2017 – Australia’ Winner - International Women in Health Awards

‘Most Compassionate Woman in Mental Health Treatment 2018 – Australia’ Winner – Influential Businesswoman Awards

'Business Woman of the Year' Finalist 2018 - Canberra Women in Business

‘Business Excellence Award’ Winner 2019 – Women With Altitude Awards

‘Change Maker Award’ Finalist 2020 – Women With Altitude Awards

Change Maker Award Finalist 2020 – Women With Altitude Awards


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As the official Mayor of PsychNEXUS Central, I am excited to share this community for Allied Health practice owners who think big. PsychNEXUS is an online platform where a pile of incredibly talented therapists I know and respect immensely freely share their ideas, their advice and their best knowledge with Allied Health practice owners just like you. Take a minute or two and drop by for a visit HERE.

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People I've Worked With

"Empowering women"

"Kerry is passionate about empowering women to let go of their doubts and limitations and embrace their fullest potential!"

Lisa LaMaitre

Lisa LaMaitre, Canberra Wise Women


"For many years I have tried to be what others wanted me to be, this kind of daughter, that kind of wife… But thanks to Kerry, now I am learning to be ME.”

Tammie Horton

Tammie Horton, Phynix Initiative

"Amazingly Intuitive"

"Kerry Howard is insightful, inspirational and amazingly intuitive in understanding the ‘secret’ desires of fabulous professional women."

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Best Selling BOOKS

My books are simple, easy to read and offer practical self-help advice for individuals seeking to better their lives. With best-selling titles like "The Trouble With Trauma", "Why Men Are Like Shoes" and "Define Your Inner Diva", my books are must-reads for anyone around the world who is looking to find purpose, meaning and understanding.

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